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 ...definitely has the longest history of folk musicianship in Slack ma Girdle, having played in a wide variety of bands, at thousands of gigs, and on a selection of instruments, throughout Devon, Somerset and far beyond.

While mostly playing fiddle and guitar at our gigs, he also brings his bodhran and a banjo or two.

Martin has been in Slack ma Girdle since day one and has never missed a gig!

He teaches Classical Guitar


Irish Fiddle.

Emma... also a founder member of Slack ma Girdle. If Martin is the founding father, then that must make Emma the founding mother, though she's obviously much younger! 

Emma's interest in ceilidh dancing started at primary school and never left. She was also in a Devon Clog Dance group for some years & kept a pair of clogs - that's what you can sometimes hear. She brings her bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, high & low whistles and her mandolin to gigs. Occasionally, she plays the piano and has discovered that she also enjoys calling too!  In her other life, (I won't call it spare time) she conducts Tale Valley Choir and Phoenix Ladies Choir, teaches piano and sings.


...has been with the band for many years, though friends with Emma for many more. Until recently, Tim was our caller as well as our pianist, but now prefers to share it and enjoys playing more.

He has been involved in musical activities for ever, whether singing in or playing for a choir or enjoying our practice nights and gigs.

Jude... a relative newcomer to Slack ma Girdle, having only joined us in 2010, she's also the baby of the band. Along with Martin, Jude plays our melody on either whistle or Bb clarinet.

Jude has been a primary school teacher for.....quite a while, championing music in school as well as teaching clarinet and piano.

Jude also sings and has an actual Degree in Music!


See our Gallery for the less posed look!


... joined us in 2013. He had no previous history of folk music, (even refusing to dance at gigs he's been to) though he seems to have got the hang of it, and really enjoys it.  

The huge smile is possibly due to becoming a Grandad rather than 'saying cheese'!


…. is the newest member of the band, joining us in 2017 as our sound engineer.  He’s been ‘riding the faders’ for various bands in Devon for over 20 years and also plays drums with a local blues-folk band.  He's often to be seen and heard, playing his cahon, drum pedal or bodhran at our gigs.

Music is an enduring hobby and a welcome distraction from his job as an environmental consultant. Robert also sings in a local choir, records both us, other bands and the choir. He's always making or improving some

gadget, bit of kit or sound effect and is an expert cider maker....he also has a very handy barn for us to rehearse in.

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